AIS 11000/1000

Category: Industry / Civil Defence - Water & Foam

Model: AIS 11000/1000

Chassis: IVECO TRAKKER AD380 T38H 6x4 - 380 Hp - AS-Tronic Automatic Gear-box 16 speed - G.V.W: 33'000 kg

Cabin: 4 doors forward tilting cabin - 6 seats - Air conditioning.6942_20160115_3564DSCN1895_6942

2 seats (driver + co-driver) in the front row - 4 seats for crew members with SCBA holders integrated in the seat backreasts in the rear row.

Water tank: 11'000 lt -  AISI 316L (available in Polypropylene or GRP as well)

Foam tank: 1'000 lt - AISI 316L (available in Polypropylene or GRP as well)

Water pump: CHINETTI 2T-5012 - 6'000 lpm  @ 10 bar -  bronze body and impellers. Pressure relief valve to recycle the excess of water flow into the pump intake.

Monitor: CHINETTI MCO5, electro-hydraulically remote controlled from cabin and pump control panels - 3'000 lpm @ 10 bar - Throw (water): 60 m - Throw (foam): 55 m. - Wireless contol unit available on request.

Foam mixing system: "Around the pump" type with centralized dosing system. Foam mixing ratio adjustable from 0 to 6%.

Vehicle self-protection: through dedicated 24Vcc electrically operated water pump and independent water tank, to protect bodywork, cabin and tyres.

Bodywork: Steel frame with light alloy panels.

Equipments: on request.

Ref #: 6942