Fire Pumps

CHINETTI Water pump 2T-5012 - Cross Section

CHINETTI Water pump 2T-5012 - Cross Section

CHINETTI 2T-5012 Water Pump

CHINETTI 2T-5012 Water Pump



Chinetti produces its own fire pumps, delivering flow rates from 1'000 up to 10'000 lpm (even more for special applications), roof monitors (flow rates from 1'000 up to 10'000 lpm, manually or electro-hydraulically controlled), foam mixing systems (Round the pump, balanced pressure type or electronically controlled), hose reels and other fire fighting components.

All Chinetti pumps have bronze body and stainless steel shaft to provide the best corrosion resistance even in case of use with industrial, salty or sea water.

Chinetti pumps, monitors and foam mixing system are also used for marine applications, providing to the shipyard a complete fire fighting system, including control panels, suction and discharge ports, hose reels, and other accessories.

Because of the large number of versions and different applications of each component, please contact our offices to select the best model and configuration for your application and needs.

You can hereby find a general prospect of Chinetti water pumps and several datasheets.



N.B: all the data are for information only and not binding, please contact our offices for any clarification or information request.
  • AIS 10000/8000

    AIS 10000/8000

    Category: Industrial - Heavy Duty Water and Foam Fire Fighting Vehicle Model: AIS 10000/8000 Chassis: Mercedes-Benz Arocs 4163 8x4 -...

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  • AIS 3000/7000

    AIS 3000/7000

    Category: Industry - Multipurpose fire truck (Water / Foam) Model: AIS 3000/7000 Chassis: ASTRA HD9 66.44, 6x6, 400 Hp, manual...

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    Category:   Rescue Vehicle / Rapid Intervention Unit Model: R7 / PWD250 Description: The unit is intended as rescue vehicle, having...

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  • 8000_IMG_5772

    AIS 9000/CD270

    Category: Fire Fighting Vehicle for Industries, Foam tender - Large Volume Pumper Model: CHINETTI AIS 9'000/CD270 Chassis: VOLVO FMX540 6x2 - 540...

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  • AIS 2000/4500/PWD250

    AIS 2000/4500/PWD250

    Category: Refinery Pumper double as Airport Crash Tender Vehicle This particular fire-truck is intended to be used as a pumper...

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  • IMG_0593_01

    ARFF 12000 6×6

    Category: Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting vehicle Model: ARFF 12000 Chassis: Fresia F800 6x6 special chassis, twin engine (2 x...

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  • ARFF 12000/S

    ARFF 12000/S

    Category: Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting vehicle with HRET Model: ARFF 12000/S Chassis: 6x6 special chassis, single or twin engine...

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  • ABP 3000 / TEL 34

    ABP 3000 / TEL 34

    Category: Fire Fighting Aerial Platform MODEL: ABP 3000 / TEL34 Chassis: Mercedes-Benz Actros 3340 6x4 - 394 Hp - GVWR:...

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  • 7339 - IMG_1336

    AIS 4500/500

    Category: Industry / Crash Tender & Rescue Vehicles - Water and foam 4x4 fire truck This unit is configured in order...

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