Category:   Rescue Vehicle / Rapid Intervention Unit

Model: R7 / PWD250

Description: The unit is intended as rescue vehicle, having a lot of space with trays and drawers to carry a lot of rescue equipment, for different accidents scenarios, and as a Rapid Intervention Unit having a 250kg Dry Chemical Powder system for first intervention.

Chassis: IVECO DAILY 70C16H - 4x2 rear wheel drive - 118 kW Euro6 engine - Mechanical gear-box 6 speed - 7.000 kg GVWR.

Cabin: 2 doors, 3 seats - Electric windows - Air conditioning.

Body: Made by a single module of polypropylene, lightweight and completely corrosion proof. Two large lockers on each side for equipment storage, closed by anodizes light alloy roller shutters. Elastic mounting of body assembly to chassis frame to avoid any torsion stree transmission during driving on rough roads.

Roof Monitor: Electrically operated and remote controlled (wireless unit & wired control spanel) roof monitor - 3.800 lpm @ 5.5. bar - Non air apirated water and foam nozzle with electrically operated spray/jet pattern selection - Water is supplied from hydrants or other fire trucks through rear inlet manifild with 2 x 2.5" + 1 x 5" inlets.

Dry Chemical Powder System: 250 kg capacity - Installed in the front locker -  Pressurization through n.1 x 50 lt / 200 bar nitrogen cylinder - N.1 Dry Chemical hose reel, 1" x 20m, 2 kg/s DCP nozzle, pistol grip type, trigger operated.

Optionals, on request:

  • Telescopic light mast, with 12V LED lights (up to 4 x 200W lights)
  • Front winch, 12V operated, 5400 kg pulling force.
  • 360° Backeye(R) system integrating reverse camera
  • 13.2 kVA 400/230V, auxiliary electric generator - DIN 1485-1
  • Automatic battery charges with self-ejecting socket

Ancillary equipment: on request.

Ref #: 7458