AIS 2000/4500/PWD1000

Category: Industry - Multipurpose fire truck (Water / Foam / Dry Chemical Powder)

Model: AIS 2000/4500/PWD1000

Chassis: Iveco Trakker AD380T38H, 6x4, 380 Hp, automated gearbox 12 speed + 2 reverse - Heavy duty chassis - Double power take off suitable for water pump and foam pump independent operation.

Cabin: Standard IVECO cabin, 2 doors - 3 seats - The 02 passenger's seats are provided with SCBA brackets integrated into the back rest.

Water tank: 2'000 lt - Polypropylene  (AISI 316L or GRP available as well)

Foam tank: 4'500 lt - Polypropylene  (AISI 316L or GRP available as well)

Dry chemical powder system: 1'000 kg - nos.2 side lines with 20m lay-flat hose pre-connected 2.5 kg/sec - Manually operated DCP monitor roof 1000 kg/min.

Water pump: Two stages pump mod. CHINETTI 2T-5012 - 5'000 lpm  @ 12 bar - Bronze case and impellers.

Foam Pump: CHINETTI PSCH 450 - 470 lpm @ 16 bar - Bronze

Roof Monitor: CHINETTI MCM5 - 5'000 @ 10 bar, manually controlled from the top roof by hand wheel. Optional remote controlled roof monitor (MCO5) with or without wireless control unit available on request.

Bumper Monitor: AKRON FIREFOX - 950 @ 7 bar, remote controlled from the drive cabin - Mounted on the front bumper.

Foam mixing system: "Balanced pressure type" with centralized foam injection system - Foam mixing ration adjustable from 0 to 6%.

Hose Reel: No.1 - Ø1"1/4 x 40 m - electric&manual rewind - Water and foam service.

Other features:

  • Water spraying self protection nozzles
  • Telescopic light mast (different combinations of 24V or 220V lamps available)
  • Multiplex can-bus electric system.
  • Reverse camera.

Equipment: on request

Ref #: 7307