AIS 5000/5000/FT20

Category: Industry - Heavy Duty Foam fire truck with special water/foam cannon

Model: AIS 5000/5000/FT20

Chassis: MAN TGS 26.500, 6x2, 500 Hp, Euro6, manual gearbox 16 speed + 2 reverse - Heavy duty chassis - Clutch independend heavy duty power take-off for water pump.

Cabin: Standard MAN cabin, 2 doors - 2 seats - The  seats can be provided with SCBA brackets integrated into the back rest, on request.

Foam tanks: Nos.02 foam tanks of 5'000 lt capacity each, to use two different types of foam - Made of polypropylene  (AISI 316L or GRP available as well) - Different tanks capacities available on request, water tank can be added as well.

Water pump: Single stages water pump mod. WATEROUS CRU-1  - 10'000 lpm  @ 10 bar (13'000 lpm when fed from hydrants with a min. pressure inlet of 5 bar) - Bronze case and impeller.

Foam Pumps:

  • No.1 ALBANY AP13 - 850 lpm@18 bar - Bronze (main foam pump)
  • No.1 CHINETTI PSCH 500 - 500 lpm @ 18 bar - Bronze (driven by a secondary PTO, to be used as a back-up of the main foam pump). The two foam pumps can be engaged independently each one by the other.

Roof Monitor: CHINETTI MCO8 - 11'000 @ 7 bar, electro-hydraulically remote controlled from the pump control panel, cabin control panel and wireless control unit - Camera giving images to the cabin control panel - Throwing distance: > 100m.

Water/Foam cannon: Specially intended for high cooling capacity and high expansion foam generation. Installed behind the cabin onto a suitable telescopic base, provided with both spraying nozzles crown and central monitor and an air fan to increase foam generation and spray water throw - Nozzles flow: 1000 lpm - Central monitor flow: 2000 lpm - Rotation: 270° - Elevation -20 / +50°. - Remote controlled from cabin control panel and wireless control unit - Different flow and configurations available on request.

Foam mixing system: "Balanced pressure type" with individual foam injection at each single outlet - Foam mixing ratio adjustable from 0 to 6%, individually for each single outlet.

Other features:

  • Water spraying self protection nozzles (cabin, body anf tires).
  • Automatic roof protection rails.
  • Automatic battery charger with 230V self-ejecting plug.
  • Multiplex can-bus electric system.
  • Reverse camera (360° bird eye video sistem option available on request).

Equipment: on request

Ref #: 7305

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