Lighting Truck

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Category: Rescue Vehicle

Model: Lighting Truck 136 kVA

Chassis: MERCEDES-BENZ ACTROS 3341 6x4 - 408 Hp - Cabin 2 doors / 4 seats

Equipment lockers: nos.4, one for power distribution box, one for 100m distribution cable reel, nos.2 for other equioments. All lockers provided with foldable footsteps for easy access.

Gen Set: Diesel engine, Cummins 15C/130T, 145 kW @ 1500 rpm - Alternator Meccalte  109 kW / 136 kVA (continuous) - 120 kW / 150 kVA (emergency).


Nos.9 Metal halide lamps 2000 W - 230V each installed on the top of a telescopic boom with max working height of 20m. It is possible to adjust orientation of the light supporting frame and of each row of lights, individually.

Nos.4 telescopic light mast, 11m max. working height, one at each corner of the vehicle, with 4 x 500 W - 230V each halogen lights.

Scene lights and lockers interior illumination through LED 24V dedicated lights.

Hydraulic boom:

- Max working height: 20m

- Max outreach: 9m

- Max downreach: - 3m

- Rotation: 360° continuous

- Outriggers: 4 hydraulic outriggers with self-levelling feature.

- Hydraulic system: from the chassis engine, by independent power take off driven hydraulic pumps.

Electric main distribution panel: including all the safety device and pro6902_20150805_2844DSCN1193_6902viding:

- nos.10 outlets 230V - 16 A

- nos.8 outlets 400 V - 32 A

- no.1 outlet 400 V - 64 A

- no.1 outlet 400 V - 125 A

Extension cable: 100 mt electric cable, heavy duty,  5 x 25 mmq winded on an hydraulically operated reel to take power supply to a secondary portable power distribution box (provided stored into a locker) or to provide power supply from external source to the main boom light and pneumatic light mast in case of failure of the gen set.

Rear crane: operated by a secondary independent power take off.

- model: EFFER 65 4s

- max load: 5740 kgm

- max outreach: 10.7 m

Front winch: Warn, mod. M12000, electrically operated 24Vcc, max. pulling force 5440 kg, steel cable d.9.5mm x 38 m

Ref #: 6902